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“Mi-kaisha’s voice is just like silk,” says triple j’s Tyrone Pynor. With her honey vocals at centre stage, the NYC-via-Sydney vocalist draws equally from soul tradition and pop melody, guided by hard-hitting lyrics about her experience as a young Aboriginal and Pacific Islander woman. Growing up on the streets of her local music scene, the soundtrack of her childhood included soulful 90s tunes and the island music of her father’s Koori Radio hip-hop show “Island Hopping.”


“My existence is super political, but my music totally doesn’t seem so at first glance,” says Mi-kaisha. “And I think there's power in that.” As an artist and storyteller, Mi-kaisha is also an advocate with a responsibility to actively support her communities and work against the systems that have perpetually oppressed Pacific Islanders and First Nations Peoples in Australia. Splitting her time between Warang (Sydney) and Lenapehoking (New York City), Mi-kaisha has just completed her Bachelors at the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, NYU. The vocalist and songwriter has just released her single ‘Eternity’ and is preparing to release more music in 2024.

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